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"Hello" in Stratish

Stratish is a word made up by Prrrki for Stratzenblitz' hidden language. It stuck.

The least out-of-date set of Stratish characters is on the GitLab Repo.

There are three main types of Stratish characters:

Glyphs The main square characters.
Decorations The smaller characters that go on the outside.
Special characters Edge case characters that are entire words, or articles of speech.

Regular glyphs

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These are the "main series" letters of stratish, A-Z.

Subpage: Stratish/Glyphs


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Contrary to the name, they're not actually decoration; they have meaning.[citation needed] We just don't have any better name.

Subpage: Stratish/Decorations

Special characters

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Stratish Glyph Meaning
Filler More Filler


TODO: Examples

There are two known "fonts" of stratish: Serif, and Sans serif.


We don't know what these glyphs are yet!

Unknown Glyph 1.png Unknown Glyph 2.png Unknown Glyph 3.png