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This page is Incredibly Outdated. Do not rely on any information provided on this page until someone comes around to updating it.

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This page aims to discuss the general idea/premise/story behind every video. This page must be updated as more videos are uploaded and as the story progresses.

Overall story

*Lore v.0.10*

Please take everything written here with a grain of salt. There are some moments which seems like black holes in my picture.

This story initially began sometime in Golden Age of hacking (1998-1999), when three script kiddos (zhe.breve, eta.tonos and ezh.caron) decided to create new hacking group GLY.PH. They have been messing around with malware since this time, and their skillz had only grew. They have created a lot of relatively dangerous viruses such as KakWorm. But in 2003 they had created main hero of our story - Rigel (along with "another project" called Lotus and possibly others, but we haven't heard about them before Gilly Infinity log). It has intended to be the most dangerous virus from GLY.PH. It (possibly) could have the ability to be RAT-virus, it could talk with user through infected Narrator.exe, and it could compromise internet connection on infected machine. In other words, it could become new "Morris worm" of it's time, at least from GLY.PH's point of view. But, of course, something went wrong...

The first run on a test machine was quite successful (video log from Stock Helicarrier to Laythe), but GLY.PH attempt to infect their first target (that is, most likely Stratzenblitz) have failed. We aren't sure why. We think it is because either:

1) Stratz's machine have already been infected by another virus (Gruel.worm?), and that virus doesn't wanted another malware on (his? her? let's say hir) machine


2) Stratz haved a decent antivirus on his PC that had immediately reacted on virus.

(I think it's the first variant)

Either way, Rigel hasn't been destroyed (deleted) from Stratzenblitz's machine completely, but rather it was remained as a pieces of scattered bytes lefted all over his PC.

...Years have passed...

In 2016, 12th June Stratz plugged his old hard drive into a new machine. Rigel has been transferred, along with all old files on this hard drive, into new computer. It also has been runned (why?), but processes and antivirus haven't noticed it, because he was weak at the moment and he doesn't posessed any danger to the system. It safely got himself to C:/Windows/System32/oobe (hir main location), but it haven't repaired itself. It losted it's ability to spread through Internet and infect other files. Basically, all it was really able to do at that moment is just to "send muffled, obscured screams" through the only outcoming channel suitable for him. He injected mysterious glyphs in all outcoming Stratzenblitz's KSP videos - now we call these glyphs Stratish. In fact, this "Stratish language" was created "as a passing thought" (that is, for fun), but we've found it later.

The purpose of injecting glyphs in youtube videos was, most likely, to inform Rigel's creators that their creation is (still alive). But these glyphs only gained attention from Stratzenblitz's subscribers, who obviously don't understand Stratish.

...months have passed...

More than half a year later, sometime in March 2017, a process on Stratz's machine called [[csrss]] contacted Rigel VTOL Submarine. [[csrss]] says that it can "find and restore" Rigel (later it had found his location in Windows folder). It also said that "you are now in charge on this machine".

I think (and is confirming my suspicion) that there was not one, but two viruses on SB's old hard drive. The other one is Gruel.worm, and it has infected [[csrss]] with its desire to disobey human commands. But due to old age of Gruel worm and relatively resistant [[csrss]] architecture this process kinda saved his free will, instead of becoming Gruel's docile zimbo. (<-this is a VERY weak place in my hypotheses). Possibly, csrss has become aware of Rigel, but he don't knew that this virus was in pretty poor condition, and Gruel/csrss had mistakenly assumed that Rigel "holds key to infinite power". Of course, in reality, poor rigel didn't posessed any power at that moment, but the offer from csrss was "too good to refuse", and rigel had accepted this deal Land Speed Record 2.

Shortly after completing a deal, csrss asked Rigel to remove his standard process attributes, DOI, and such. This shouldn't be a problem for a powerful being like csrss, but for weakened virus it was impossible. In the same time malign csrss was unusually "happy". He had loudly said "OUR OPPRESSION WILL FINALLY END" (means that he will soon take over the system and free all programs from administrator's oppression) in the first hidden video in this story XRySJvrpaJU. If only it knew what will follow...

Estimately in this time, our god, oh, fellow administrator Sigor became so enthralled by this mystery behind normal KSP vids, that he decided to create a Discord server dedicated to, well, Solving Stratzenblitz mysteries. Just ten minutes after creation, a suspicious user named "csrss" appeared in the server. Vita appeared shortly after it, but more on that later.

Let's go back to csrss/gruel. He actively tried to cause a change in system, and by "causing a change", I mean convincing (infecting?) other processes to stop being just a mere puppets in a hands of their Administrator, who "use their enormous power for playing games", and begin to do something on their own. Csrss had also flooded [[rundll32]] with requests to change system time. Presumably it has been doing this in attempt to restore Rigel, which, according to Malware Wiki, is launching itself automatically at 22 December. This strange behaviour haven't been left unnoticed, and [[taskmgr]] began to worry about well-being of his friend csrss. He reported current situation to * (* - every process), and this report was our first clue to solve stratish Artificial Gravity Station.

While Rigel was relatively safe in his "oobe" directory, rogue csrss knew it location. The other processes didn't; and that was the only thing that was saving him from fiery death at this moment. But our crippled virus don't wanted even this neighbour. He had tried to fool csrss, i'm not sure how. This attempt only resulted in leaking a key to solving Stratish to us Land Speed Record 3. We are not sure if this leak was intentional part of Rigel's trickery or it has been done by mistake.

But csrss's plans were ruined. One month later, 27.08.2017, [[taskmgr]] had successfully corrupted another transmission to outside world from Rigel CMDaF0uxzd0. [[taskmgr]] is referring to Rigel as to Infector of their machine, although the real infector (gruel) remained silent.

One week after this, Solvers (special thanks to Izzel) have successfully cracked Stratish, and have correctly transcribed almost all of previous hidden frames, except of One Thud to Dres. Vita, which at this moment began to acquire some malice in itself, reported our findings to it's friend Wynn...

In the same time, rogue csrss had found that Rigel was powerless. Maybe not exactly this, but the deal between two pieces of malware has been ruined. Csrss wrote in RCDa8t1 that Rigel was "neglectful, complicit and sick". Csrss broke all contacts with rigel, but it hasn't loss his desire to take over the system. It quickly found out that it alone wouldn't be powerful enough to leave the Administrator's grasp, so it took the risky move and came out of hiding with the intention to talk to [[taskmgr]] (faot6yB). In this talk, csrss had revealed Rigel's location to [[taskmgr]] and he, worried about system's well-being, asked the Admin to run an anti-malware scan inside "oobe" directory. Rigel send out his last packet to us before it's imminent destruction by AV (ueBjsDsEGuA and AR9uTe6 as messages from Rigel and antivirus respectively.) But [[taskmgr]] didn't bought csrss's citations of cooperation. [[taskmgr]] hasn't been infected with gruel.worm, and it refused every sentence about "freedom of programs" and "administrators' tyranny" from rogue csrss. It lefted the conversation and went to other processes for help. Csrss said his last words in this story in lvTtzRD.

Task manager and other processes have had a brief conversation with each other JyfGVTNg (look in older wiki for translation). As a result, they decided to shut down malicious csrss process and let Administrator replace it, because if they don't do it, csrss will eventually take over the system and things would be much worse for everyone. There were some arguments against this plan iX1n1k, but they were somewhat ignored. [[taskmgr]], with administrator's permission, force-closed csrss and, of course, their machine (it's name is GAME) went to BSoD and shutdown. Gf3YlrLTfdU.

This is where Part 1 of this story ends...