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Be welcoming and patient, especially with those who may not know everything you do. Oh, and bring your sense of humor. Just in case.

This applies on the wiki and the Discord server.

Be Nice.

  1. No flaming or harassment: Sometimes poking fun at others can be enjoyable and kind hearted, but when it gets serious and things get blown out of proportions, we don't allow it here. Calling someone a slur in a negative way or actively trying to get someone upset are a few examples of what is not allowed on here.
  2. No derogatory slurs: We personally think, as a staff, that swearing is okay. People drop slurs every day and sometimes it may be of no value at all. However, we really do not want to see any derogatory slurs on these forums such as any variation of the N word.
  3. No posting of others' personal information: Pretty self explanatory. If you know someone in real life, or know information about them that they would rather keep private, then don't post it. It's an invasion of privacy and we most certainly won't tolerate it unless they approve of it.
  4. No /*ism/, including droidism.

Stay on topic.

  1. No derailing channels: Sometimes channels can get out of hand on Discord. It always does at one point or another. However actively going out of your way to change the subject of a channel is not allowed here.
  2. Try to stay away from politics. Nobody cares if you are alt right or radical left.
  3. No spamming messages (or just posting spam). Pretty self-explanatory

Be (slightly) appropriate.

  1. No posting NSFW images or videos: Imagine you're surfing through the general on your computer at work (for whatever reason) and you accidentally find an image or video of adult content in one the messages. Or you're under the age of fifteen where it is illegal to look up such content. Posting Not Safe For Work related images or videos is not allowed for those very reasons.
  2. No posting Gore: Posting an image of a decapitated mammal or "thing" is not allowed on this server. It is indecent, insensitive and shocking to find these images randomly as they can be quite grotesque.
  3. No sexual discussions: As much as we all love sexual innuendos or references, having conversations dedicated to sexual behaviors or topics is not allowed.


Your first violation will result in a mute or kick.

Your second violation will result in banishment, great shame, and Klingon Discommendation.