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THIS WIKI WILL BE DEPRECATED SOON. We're moving to Read The Docs.

Welcome to the Solving Stratzenblitz Wiki!
A Community dedicated to solving Stratzenblitz75's ARG thingy!
"We're not crazy. Stratzenblitz is Crazy™." - Blacksilver
Here we attempt to solve the hidden messages and uncover the story behind Stratzenblitz75's videos. The messages are often sent in the thumbnail or a single frame during a video, or encoded in a mysterious language we call Stratish.

To get started, create an account and get editing! We recommend joining our Discord and get acquainted with our other members.

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Wiki & Discord RulesGetting Started

  • I hereby take responsibilty for all the material on the wiki, even if someone else posted it.
  • Please don't sue me.
  • Whatever it is, I'll be happy to take it down.
  • Email me

Sellout Section
  • This thing doesn't pay for itself, you know.
  • You can't get adsense on a subdomain.
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